Deep Pleated HEPA Filter

Item No.: AR-YGB
The Pleated HEPA Filter is a cutting-edge air filtration solution designed to capture a minimum of 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in diameter,allowing for greater airflow and extended filter life.
Description Specifications Review

*The filter frame is made of strong and durable extruded aluminum for long-lasting use
*Spacers are made using hotmelt technology for stable and secure assembly
*Two-component polyurethane material ensures a strong bond for reliable filtration*
*Glass fiber paper medium provides efficient and effective filtering of particles
*Continuous poured gasket ensures minimal leakage and improved filtration efficiency
*Meets industry standards and conforms to EN1822, with filter class options of H13 and H14
*Maximum final pressure drop of 500Pa ensures proper air flow and filtration
*Can handle temperatures up to 70°C and a maximum relative humidity of 90% for versatile use.


*Widely used as a terminal filter in top-grade purifying equipment in industries such as electronics, semiconductor, precision mechanics, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and food sanitation
*Ideal for use in environments that require high levels of air purity and dust-free conditions
*Ensures pollutants and particles are removed from the air for a clean and healthy work environment
*Can be used in a variety of filtration systems and equipment for effective and efficient results.

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