Air Inlet Filter(Blue and White Filter Media/Coarse Filter Media )

Item No.: AR-100; AR-150; AR-180; AR-220
Air Inlet Filter(Blue and White Filter Media/Coarse Filter Media ) for seriously polluted general ventilation and the entrance of air control series as pre-filtration or coarse filtration
Description Specifications Review
 Brand: AIRY
Thickness: 10mm/15mm/18mm/20mm
Weight: 120g/150g/180g/200g
Size: Any size can be customized
Min.Order Quantity: 10 Rolls
Supply Ability: 20,000 Rolls per Month
Port: Huangpu Port
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union

*Anti-fractured PET synthetic fiber  
*High dust holding capacity
*Low resistance, strong fire resistance, and long lifespan 
*Conforms to European DIN53438-F1 and American UL900-Class2 fire resistant standards and classifications 
*Gradual density, high efficiency, and 100% anti-humidity  
*Can withstand temperatures up to 80°C 
*Filtration class: G2, G3, G4.


The blue and white filter media is a versatile product that can be used in many industries, including paint spray, pollution control, air conditioning, electronics, and pharmaceuticals. It is efficient and durable, and can be used in pleated and pocket filters.

It is particularly useful as a pre-filter in dusty situations, where it can capture large particles before they reach the main filter.


Type Filter Class Average Arrestance Initial Resistance (Pa) Final Resistance (Pa) Dust Holding Capacity (g/) Thickness (mm) Size
AR-100 G2 65% 15 150 380 5 1.0*20 M
2.0*20 M
AR-150 G2 70% 18 180 400 10 1.0*20 M
2.0*20 M
AR-180 G3 80% 20 200 500 15 1.0*20 M
2.0*20 M
AR-220 G4 90% 25 250 600 20 1.0*20 M
2.0*20 M
Note: Other specifications are available on request



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