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Global Market for Air Filters and Filtration Equipment

Wow, the U. S. market is estimated to be worth a whopping $3 billion, while China is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 4.9%. China's economy is the second largest in the world, and is expected to have a projected market size of US$1.8 Billion by 2030. Japan and Canada will grow at a rate of 2.2% and 2.5% respectively.

When it comes to air filters and filtration equipment, the geographic regions are ranked by value CAGR for 2018-2025, with China, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Latin America, Africa, USA, Europe, Canada, and Japan leading the way. Developed regions are still the main revenue contributors, but developing regions are fast becoming the hot spots for future growth. With the rising incidence of asthma and air borne allergies, the perfect platform for market expansion has been created. With more infrastructure spending on air conditioning projects, the growth trajectory of the market is looking positive.

Nanofiber technology has also revolutionized the development of filters and components. Nylon nanofiber-based fabric for filters is one of the most recent innovations in the air filtration equipment domain. EXALIFE and VarioPleat are some of the solutions for commercial vehicles with space constraints. Ford has also developed a novel auto air filter that can eliminate 99% of pollen, odor, and gaseous pollutions.

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