Paint Stop Filter/ Floor Filter

Paint Stop Filter / Floor Filter

Item No.: PA-60/PA-75/PA-100
Brand: AIRY
Thickness: 50mm/60mm/75mm/100mm
Weight: 200g/230g/250g/280g/320g
Size: Any size can be customized
  • Made of long fiberglass in non-woven way, large ventilation quantity, small resistance, and good efficiency of the dust arrestance for the over-spray
  • The high performance fiber is in gradual structure (the fiber density increases gradual toward pure air) assuring its high efficiency
  • The inlet side is green, outlet side is white. Low compressibility keeps its shape and benefit for deposit paint, mist, soot, etc.
  • Temperature resistance: 170℃.
  • The average mist capturing rate: 93-97%
  • Conforming to the European DIN53438-F1

Paint Stop filter applies for many industries, such as: painting industry, pollution prevents and control, air conditioning, electronic, pharmaceutical factory, food sanitation etc.


Type Average Arrestance Nominal Velocity (m/s) Rated Airflow (m³/h) Initial Resistance (Pa) Final Resistance (Pa) Dust Holding Capacity (g/) Thickness (mm) Sizes
PA-60 93% 2.5 9000 20 150 3500 60 0.8*20 M
1.0*20 M
2.0*20 M
PA-100 98% 2 7200 25 200 4500 100 0.8*20 M
1.0*20 M




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